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Healing with Wholefoods, Nutritioanl Therapy

decorationÉva Hill

Nutritional Therapy Improved Éva's Health

Éva Hill is a passionate advocate for nutrition, having suffered her own calvary and healed herself through nutritional and herbal medicine. She travelled the world as an entertainer, and brought home some very unpleasant souvenirs from tropical climates, which - coupled up with her demanding lifestyle, played havoc on her digestive and immune systems. Fired by her own experiences with Nutrition, she set off to help others heal themselves, naturally, without side effects.

Eva Hill accepting her award for Scholarly Excellence Éva Hill accepting her award for Scholarly Excellence

Ms. Hill became a Qualified Nutritional Therapist

Éva became a qualified Nutritional Therapist. She holds a Diploma with Distinction and a Scholarly Excellence Award from the College of Naturopathic Medicine - UK.

She lectures for CNM in Cork and Galway, and holds talks for healthcare professionals, carers, and associations (e.g. Parkinson’s Association of Ireland). She often participates in health matters organisations, and public talks. She leads a Nutrition Club (info about the club) for the general public. She also writes a regular column in the Chronicles of Limerick.

As a Nutritional Therapist Eva Hill Helps Others

She feels it important to re-educate people about the importance of good nutrition, to help them take charge of their own and their children’s health. She knows that one’s health status can positively or negatively affect one’s mood and perception of life. Therefore she believes that by changing dietary habits, she can help make people not just healthier, but also happier - and there’s nothing more satisfying than that.

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