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Fatigue - How to Increase Your Energy

The single question I get asked more than any other is how to stop feeling tired all the time. There are lots of studies that report 'fatigue' as a symptom of a lack of a nutrients or a disease state.

Fatugued young man. There are a range of reasons why you could feel a lack of energy.

Find the Root of the Problem

In truth, there is a wide range of reasons why we could feel a lack of energy, therefore the root of the problem needs to be investigated and treated.

Energy from Carbohydrates

On a physical/chemical level, we derive energy from the sun, which is captured by plants as the energy that binds together carbon, hydrogen and oxygen as carbohydrate. So, the first requirement for energy is the right kind of carbohydrate.

Cabbage and other greens along with beetroot and carrot. Foods high in nutrients A, B, & C are needed to prepare carbohydrates for the final energy - making reaction.

More Oxygen = More Energy

We effectively 'burn' carbohydrate, releasing the sun's energy within food, with oxygen, which comes from the breath. With more oxygen, people feel more energised and the simplest way to increase your intake of oxygen is through certain breathing techniques and exercise.

Nutrients Needed to 'Burn' Carbs

However, before the carbohydrate you eat gets to meet oxygen for the final energy-making reaction, the 'fuel' has to be prepared and broken down, step by step. This is done by a sequence of enzymes that depend on a whole family of nutrients, especially B vitamins and vitamin C, as well as the minerals iron, zinc and magnesium. Chromium also plays a vital role in stabilising glucose (digested carbohydrate) supply to cells.

Co-enzyme Q10 Disarms Harmful Oxidants

At the same time the energy within glucose is released within the energy factories (called mitochondria) inside every cell, so too are millions of harmful oxidant by-products. The ability to continually disarm these with antioxidants, and particularly an antioxidant called Co-enzyme Q10, makes a big difference to how you feel. So these are the basic energy nutrients.

Adrenal & Thyroid Hormones For Energy

If all these fuels keep your engine running, so to speak, adrenal hormones are the accelerator, with thyroid hormones being the ignition - the on-off button on all cells. These are the energy hormones, and they too are made from specific nutrients.

Woman sleeping with a little kitten looking out. Difficulty sleeping may stem from low melatonin secreation or a sluggish liver.

Melatonin & Healthy Liver For Sleep

And then there is the sleeping hormone, Melatonin, which can be under-secreted or suppressed by stress hormones. There is nothing draining your energy more than a bad night’s sleep. As the liver is more active at night, any problems or sluggishness with that organ can disturb your sleep.
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Woman jogging. Do vital energy generating aerobic exercises every day.

To boost your energy and keep it at a good level:

  • Eat the right kind of carbohydrate such as vegetables, low sugar containing fruits, wholegrains and include protein in each meal and snack to balance blood sugar levels and maintain constant energy.
  • Supplement the energy nutrients - a high B complex containing multivitamin and some extra vitamin C. Try extra chromium 200mcg, especially if you crave sweets, and Co-Q10.
  • Do vital energy generating aerobic exercises every day. If only 20 minutes, but work up a sweat!
  • Avoid energy expenders such as caffeine, alcohol and sugar. After a big boost an even bigger drop will follow with sugar cravings, irritability, headaches, PMS, hot flushes and depression. It’s really not worth it!

Fatigue Maybe a Symptom

As fatigue can be a symptom of many underlining conditions, a thorough investigation is recommended. A naturopathic treatment always starts with a thorough investigation to find the root of the problem, whatever the health concern may be. We are all very individual: as there are no two snowflakes alike, neither are any two human bodies. Once we found the cause, with a tailor made menu plan and herbal supplement regime your body can be gently ushered back to health - without side effects.

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